Landmark College Health Services maintains a strict policy of confidentiality in an effort to protect students’ right to privacy.

All medical records are confidential and are maintained separately from academic records. Services are provided on a strictly confidential basis. No information is released to anyone without the student’s written authorization. This includes parents (unless the student is under 18). There are, however, certain circumstances in which confidentiality is waived:

  • When there is risk of imminent harm to self or others, the Health Services staff has a legal and ethical duty to do whatever is necessary to protect life.
  • A clinician may share pertinent information with other professional staff members, or with consulting physicians or Emergency Room staff, for the purpose of providing the best possible care to students.
  • A court ordered subpoena could require Health Services to release information contained in records or require Health Services staff to testify in court.



Frequently Asked Questions



How do I request a copy of my medical records?

If you would like records sent to another medical facility or college, you must sign an Authorization to Release Form available in the Health Center. It will outline the specific information that you are requesting. You will need the name, address, phone and fax number of the physician, medical facility or college that you are sending records to. If you are under age 18, this request must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Will my parents have access to my medical records?

If you are over 18, parents will not have access to medical records, nor will Health Services staff be allowed to share information regarding medical issues. You may sign an authorization allowing us to share information. This authorization may be limited to certain medical issues or encompass all of your medical issues while you are at Landmark.