Mental Health Emergencies

What is an Emergency?

A mental health emergency is an emotional or behavioral crisis that warrants same-day attention by a mental health professional. This may include, but is not limited to, significant changes in behavior that are not characteristic of a person, the presence of disruptive symptoms that interfere with the responsibilities of daily living, direct or indirect expressions of the intent to harm self or others, or the experience of a trauma. 

If you are feeling that you are a danger to yourself and/or others or in urgent need of a mental health professional's help, visit Counseling Services immediately on the second floor of the Student Center or call us.  If Counseling Services is closed, we suggest you contact the campus Residential Life staff, or the college’s Campus Safety office located in the lower level of Davis Hall.

Mental Health Emergencies
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Call Counseling Office at 802-387-1636 and describe the emergency.

After Hours, Weekends, and Holidays
Call Campus Safety: 802-387-6899, the on-call RD at 802-380-6781 or call 911.

Daytime Emergency Services
Counseling Services provides emergency services 24 hours per day. From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. students may call us at 802.387.1636 and ask to be scheduled for an emergency appointment or request to speak with the on-call counselor. Students requesting an emergency visit are expected to accommodate the time offered for an appointment, e.g. by missing a class if necessary.

After-Hours and Off-campus Emergency Services
If it is after 4 p.m., or if it is the weekend or a holiday and you are worried about your immediate safety or the safety of others, call campus Campus Safety at 802-387-6899 or 911. On-campus students may also contact the Residential Life staff on duty for assistance.  Students off campus may call Health Care and Rehabilitation Services (HCRS) at 1-800-622-4235 and speak with someone from the HCRS Crisis Team or call 911.

Students who are having a mental health emergency, and are in need of assessment, are sent to the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Emergency Room.  Evaluations are conducted by HCRS Crisis Team clinicians. Students and/or their insurance companies are billed for these face-to-face evaluations. Students transported to the ER by ambulance will be financially responsible for those services.