Student Apple Computer Policy

Landmark College requires all students to have a notebook computer with a supported Windows-based operating system as a condition of enrollment to the College (see our minimum required specifications). The College strongly encourages students to purchase a computer through the College’s notebook program in order to obtain a computer that is well-suited to their academic program and to take advantage of the full range of hardware and software support offered through the IT department.

While Landmark College recognizes the value of Apple computers, it does not support Apple computers. The College offers extensive computer and assistive technology support which is often critical to students’ academic success, both in and out of the classroom. To provide this level of support, and to maintain software consistency and availability, the College’s current policy is to standardize on a Windows-based platform only.

Apple computers running only the Mac operating system do not meet the College’s computer requirements. Students with these computers will be able to register their computer to access web resources on the Intranet and Internet. Antivirus software is a requirement for internet registration. Contrary to popular belief, Apple computers are susceptible to viruses and malware and should have protection.  They will not, however, have access to other critical network resources, including shared file and print services. In addition, versions of the College’s suite of assistive technology software developed for the Apple may not be available or may be limited in functionality.

Apple computers running a supported version of Windows using Boot Camp meets the College’s computer requirements. For students using Apple computers with Boot Camp, the College does provide support services in the Windows environment only.  This includes installing Novell network client and GroupWise email client software and assistive technology software as well as supporting Internet connectivity and spyware removal.  The college does not, however, provide support services related to Apple hardware troubleshooting or repair or use of unsupported software.

Apple computers that are running Windows using a method other than Boot Camp will not meet the College’s requirements. Landmark College is aware of the many programs that allow you to run a virtual version of Windows on your Apple. Running Windows in a virtual environment results in loss of performance and reliability problems and will not be supported.