Bandwidth Management Policy

Landmark College provides shared 500 megabit internet access to all students on campus, primarily for academic purposes.

This typically includes research on the world wide web but may also include email, chat, and other purposes.

Landmark College, like most colleges, allocates bandwidth via a “traffic-shaping” appliance in order to generally ensure that sufficient and equal access is available to all students for academic work. The College’s current policy is not to block the use of any web site, program, or game. However, because bandwidth would be quickly saturated by resource-intensive applications and protocols such as games, music, and video downloading, and thereby severely limit student access for academic work, the College does manage traffic so that every connection is given an equal share of the available bandwidth. This is achieved by increasing the latency or transmission delay over time for bandwidth-intensive applications and will most likely impact the use and performance of heavy downloads during peak traffic times, particularly non-academic applications such as P2P (peer-to-peer) and streaming media.

The College regularly evaluates its Internet capacity, utilization, and policies relative to student needs and the mission of the College and pursues appropriate adjustments and upgrades as necessary.