Landmark Laptop Alternatives

If you will be bringing your own notebook computer to Landmark College, it should meet the following specifications:

Minimum Specifications

  • Operating System Options
  1. Apple computer* with OSX 10.6 or higher with Boot Camp running Microsoft Windows
  2. Windows XP Home or Professional
  3. Windows Vista / Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional & Ultimate (Starter version not supported)
  4. Windows 8 (RT version not supported)

    *If you will be using a Mac laptop on campus, please read Landmark's Student Apple Computer Policy [DOC].
  • 1.5 GHz Processor & 4GB RAM Recommended
  • 250GB hard drive with 80GB of available space
  • Ethernet & Wireless

Required Software for all students

There are three required software programs that will be installed on your computer as part of our registration process:

  • Microsoft Office Professional Campus License** $28
  • Inspiration (visual mapping software) $32
  • Kurzweil Professional Color (text reader) $227

Total cost: $287 will be billed to your tuition account for the required software listed above. If you already have the current version of the software installed, we will credit your account.

**Important note: Under the conditions of our campus agreement, the Microsoft product is licensed to students during the period of their enrollment at Landmark. If a student graduates, he or she is granted perpetual use rights by Microsoft. The purchase does not include the disks for Office Professional and does not allow the product to be reinstalled once the student leaves the college. All other software products include the installation disks and are owned by the student.

Required software for LIC and Partial-Credit Students

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium v12 (voice-recognition) software with a quality headset is required at a cost of $165.00. If you indicate on the order form that you would like to purchase Dragon, we will install it before you receive your computer, and will bill your tuition account.

Landmark Network Access

All personal notebooks must be registered before internet access is granted.  Students will be asked to turn in their computers for registration when they arrive on campus.  If a notebook does not meet the minimum requirements, it will not be registered and no network or internet access will be granted.

Hardware Repairs on Personal Laptops

Students bringing their own laptops will be responsible for repairs through their laptop manufacturer. Accordingly, with the limited exception of connectivity issues, software installations, viruses and spyware cleanup, any problems with personal, non-Package notebooks are the responsibility of the student. ITS will not violate warranty conditions that are set by the manufacturer to troubleshoot or repair these notebooks. There are computer repair shops nearby that can assist students that brought their own computers.

Landmark technicians are Toshiba and Lenovo certified, and are able to offer repair and troubleshooting services to students with these machine types.

Questions? Contact us for more information!

Tina LaFlam
Manager of Technical Support Services