Computer Package Exception

Students who already own a Tablet/PC with Windows 8 have the opportunity to apply for an exception to purchasing the Landmark Computer Package.

Students who plan to apply for an Exception should understand that their current computer must meet the following requirements or their Exception may be denied. If you feel your computer meets the following requirements, please complete the Exception form at the link below. If your Exception is approved, you will not receive a Landmark Computer Package at registration. You will be required to turn in your computer at Student Registration so that the Microsoft Office Professional and network client software can be installed prior to registering your computer for network and Internet access on campus.

Exception Form

Required Specifications:

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 or 8.1 Professional (Windows RT is not supported)
  • Tablet/PC
  • Full Touchscreen
  • Intel Core i3 processor or higher
  • 4GB memory or higher
  • 500GB hard drive or higher

Landmark Network Access

All personal computers must be registered with Technical Support Services before internet access is granted. Students will be asked to turn in their computers for registration when they arrive on campus for Student Registation. If a computer does not meet the minimum requirements, it will not be registered and no network or internet access will be granted.

Hardware Repairs on Personal Laptops

Students who receive an approved Exception and bring their own computer will be responsible for repairs through their computer manufacturer. Accordingly, with the limited exception of connectivity issues, software installations, viruses, and spyware cleanup, any problems with personal, non-Package computers are the responsibility of the student. ITS will not violate warranty conditions that are set by the manufacturer to troubleshoot or repair these notebooks. There are computer repair shops nearby that can assist students who brought their own computers.

Landmark technicians are Lenovo-certified and are able to offer repair and troubleshooting services to students with these computers.

Questions? Contact us for more information!

Tina LaFlam
Manager of Technical Support Services