Campus Safety Services


There are two emergency “blue light” call boxes on campus. One is located on the pathway from LOT D to the Quad entrance of the Fine Arts Building. The second call box is located on the hillside pathway outside the Library, across from the Library Hill. Each box is designed to place a direct call to the duty officer. When activated, a blue light on top of the box activates, providing the individual with a visual indicator to the location of the caller.


An emergency on campus includes incidents in which life or property safety may be at risk. The main focus during an emergency is to protect the life of community members. The Department responds to all emergency service calls. The officers are trained on the immediate response to emergency situations, including contacting the necessaryoutside agencies to resolve the incident. It is important that all community members respond as directed in an emergency to protect not only the individuals and property involved, but for the individuals' safety during the incident.


Although the Landmark campus is considered a safe environment for living, learning and working, there may be times in which a student or employee does not feel comfortable walking from one section of the campus to another. If this occurs, the individual may contact the duty officer and be escorted to the individuals' destination. Escorts may also occur when a student is requested to be seen by the Dean of Students or other senior college official.


The Department considers all incidents a serious matter and will investigate such to the fullest extent. If during the course of an investigation it becomes clear that a violation of State or Federal law has occurred, then the Duty Officer will contact the local law enforcement authorities. In a case where the incident is fire related, the local Fire Chief will be contacted for assistance in the investigation process. Individuals have the right to contact an outside agency for investigations. Such contact information can be obtained through the local phone directory, through the web links provided, or by contacting the Duty Officer.


The Department will respond to requests from students and employees who have locked themselves out of the living or work spaces. There is no charge for this service for the first three requests. After the third request there will be fees attached.


In order to provide a safe environment on the roadways, parking lots, and pathways on campus, parking rules and regulations have been developed. If a vehicle is found to be in violation of the rules and regulations, then the registered owner will be issued a citation. On occasion it will be requested that vehicles be parked in other locations than the assigned parking lot. Examples of such situations include new student registration, special events, and snow removal.


The property identification program is a voluntary program in which an individual can register their personal high value items with the Department of Security. This program is designed to assist in the protection from theft as well as to assist in the recovery of stolen items on campus.


The Department has a variety of safety-related programs including fire safety, alcohol awareness, and property identification. Programs can be developed as requested or as the need arises. The purpose for all programs is to provide the community with the ability to take control of protecting themselves while on campus and off.


Although transporting individuals is not a primary duty for the Department, there are times in which it benefits the individual and the College for the individual to be transported to their destination. Situations in which transports may be required  include vehicle transportation of ill students who cannot walk to Health Services, an individual with a temporary medical condition needing assistance getting around campus, and guests and visitors with an impairment in which walking the campus may be difficult.


All employees and students must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. This registration provides us with the ability to locate and notify the owner in case of an emergency or if the vehicle needs to be moved for facilities work. When registered the vehicle will be assigned to a specific parking lot on campus based on office location or the seniority of students.

Emergency Contact

Duty Officer
On-Campus: ext. 6899
Off-Campus: 802-387-6899

Campus Safety Office
Davis Hall, Room 001