Frequently Asked Questions: Parking

Where can I park?

The campus has three main parking lots, as listed below. Each lot is assigned by seniority of the student or the location of the employee’s office.

  • LOT A: for employees of the Admissions building and guests of Admissions
  • UPPER CAMPUS: for all employees, guests of the College, Chartwell’s employees, and student who have completed at least 3 semesters at the College
  • LOWER CAMPUS: for all employees, guests of the College and students who have not completed three semesters
  • The campus also maintains an overflow parking lot. This lot is designed for vehicles that are being left on campus over break periods, vehicles that need to be moved for snow removal processes, employees and students during special events and any additional vehicles if all the parking lots have been filled.

When can I park near the residence halls?

You will be assigned to the UPPER CAMPUS LOT, along the front of the residence halls once you have completed three semesters at the College.

How long can I park in front of a building?

There are loading and unloading zones in front of each of the residential halls. This area is designed for ten-minute parking only, with the purpose of loading and unloading heavy items. Vehicles must have the four-way flashers activated, and the owner must be within contact of the vehicle in case emergency moving of the vehicle is necessary. There is no parking in front of the Academic buildings except in the designated handicap parking spaces with a valid handicap permit displayed.

What if I have a medical need?

Accommodations are made for employees and students with a medical need to park closer to the building in which you need to perform work. All requests for medical need parking must go through Health Services to have the accommodation request reviewed. Once approved through Health Services, a permit will be issued to you based on needs.

How long do I have to pay a parking citation?

Parking citations are due within ten days from date of issue. Any citation not paid within the ten day period will have the fine doubled. Any citation unpaid at the end of the semester will be handled through the Human Resources Department for employees, or charged to the student’s account.

Where do I pay for a parking citation?

All citations are paid at the Business Office located in the Administration Building.

What do I do if my vehicle gets towed?

Vehicles may be towed for various reasons. If the vehicle tow was the result of impeding the snow removal process, the vehicle will be relocated to the overflow lot located near the Facilities Building. You may retrieve the vehicle at any time after the snow removal process has been completed. A fee will be associated, which will be paid at the Business Office or charged to your account. If the vehicle is towed off campus due to repeat violations of the parking regulations, then it is your responsibility to contact the tow company directly to make arrangements for the retrieval of your vehicle and payment of the tow.

Why do I need to register my vehicle?

Registering a vehicle provides the Campus Safety Department with a means of contacting you in case of an emergency, or if the vehicle impedes work that needs to occur near where the vehicle is parked. Registration also provides the Department with the ability to control the use of parking lots.

When and where do I need to register my vehicle?

Vehicles need to be registered within 24 hours of arriving on campus. Vehicles will be registered at the Department of Campus Safety located in Davis Hall, Room 001. The exception will be new employees registering at Human Resources during processing or during new student registration.

What happens if I don’t register my vehicle?

Unregistered vehicles are subject to having a citation issued or being towed off campus.

Emergency Contact

Duty Officer
On-Campus: ext. 6899
Off-Campus: 802-387-6899

Campus Safety Office
Davis Hall, Room 001