Frequently Asked Questions: Lost and Found

What do I do if I lost something?

If you have lost an item, check your belongings and areas in which you last had the item. If the item cannot be located, then a check of the Campus Safety Lost & Found should be made and a report filed with the Campus Safety Department.

What do I do with something that I find?

If the owner is known and not immediately located, or if the owner is unknown then the item should be turned in to the Campus Safety Department.

How long are things kept before they are disposed of?

Found property is maintained at the Department of Campus Safety for the duration of the semester in which it was found. At the end of the semester all items are disposed of per the College Disposal policy.

How are items disposed of?

Items may be thrown in the trash, donated to the community tag sale, or if the owner is known returned to the owner at the owner’s expense.

Emergency Contact

Duty Officer
On-Campus: ext. 6899
Off-Campus: 802-387-6899

Campus Safety Office
Davis Hall, Room 001