Frequently Asked Questions: Incident Reporting

What should I report?

Incident reports are filed on many different subjects. Some of the most common incident include, but are not limited to, conflicts with other students, missing items, medical assistance, and witnessing illegal activities. You should feel free to report any incident that you feel needs investigation or follow up by a college administer.

How do I fill out an incident report?

The first step is contacting the duty officer, resident dean, or resident assistant. Specific questions will be asked based on the situation. You may be asked to provide a written statement to support the information provided.

Why do I need to write a statement?

A written statement provides the duty officer with first hand information. This information is important especially if the incident leads to judicial actions by providing a clear understanding of the incident. By having the incident written down as soon as possible there is less chance for vital information being forgotten or misconstrued later.

What can I expect after filing a report?

Depending on the situation you may be asked to speak with a resident dean, the Director of Residential Life, the Judicial Affairs Officer, or the Dean of Students to provide clarification of the incident. In some cases you may directly learn of the outcome of the report.

Emergency Contact

Duty Officer
On-Campus: ext. 6899
Off-Campus: 802-387-6899

Campus Safety Office
Davis Hall, Room 001