Frequently Asked Questions: Fire Emergencies

Can I call 9-1-1?

You can call 9-1-1 directly. If you place a call directly to 9-1-1, call the duty officer immediately after the 9-1-1 call so that proper response is provided. If the situation is not immediately life threatening, then call the duty officer first to assist in the process.

What is a fire emergency?

A fire emergency is a situation in which an actual fire or the smell of smoke is apparent.

Where do I go if the fire alarm activates?

If you are in a residence hall, then proceed to the meeting area as instructed by the Resident Dean, Resident Assistant, Facilities worker, or the Duty Officer. It is important that you remain out of the way of the emergency vehicles and staff. If you are in another building on campus, proceed as instructed by a college official or to any other building on campus in which you will not be in the way of the emergency responders.

Will I be charged for fire-related incidents?

The Town of Putney will financially charge you a fine if it is determined that the fire was malicious in nature, or if the Town has responded more than three times for the same type of instance in one calendar year. For example: if you live in the Bridges and burned food on the stove repeatedly.

If the fire incident is determined to be arson, then you may be criminally charged.

Emergency Contact

Duty Officer
On-Campus: ext. 6899
Off-Campus: 802-387-6899

Campus Safety Office
Davis Hall, Room 001