Work Requests and Keys

The Department of Facilities provides services in nearly 100 categories, ranging from key requests to office repairs, carpentry, document pick-up for shredding, office moves and more.

All employees make the request for services by first completing our online Facilities Work Request Form. (Students give requests to  Resident Deans, who will complete this form and submit for them.)

If your request is an emergency, contact Facilities at 802.387.1659. You are still required to complete the Facilities Work Request Form.


  • Employees who are locked out and need a door opened should contact Landmark's Security at 802.387.6899.
  • Students who are locked out must contact their Resident Dean (RD) or Resident Assistant (RA) first. The RD or RA will contact Security for the student. If the RD or RA is not available, students should contact Security directly.

Lost Keys

  • Students: Immediately notify an RD when you lose your room key. The RD will notify Facilties and will also complete the Facilities Work Request Form to request a new key. A lock change will be initiated, and you will be charged $25. Some dorms require more than one key. If a student is issued more than one key, the student will be billed accordantly.
  • Employees: Report lost keys immediately to Kyle Skrocki, Director of Facilities Operations, and complete the Facilities Work Request Form. You will be charged $25 for a replacement, and Facilities may initiate a lock change.
  • Student Room Keys: Students should contact their RD for key requests. The RD will complete the Facilities Work Request Form.
  • Classroom Keys: Faculty & Staff must submit requests for classroom keys to Kathleen Fortier, Office Manager for Educational Programs. You may also want to read Faculty Key Distribution Policy.
  • Office & Building Keys: Complete the Work Facilties Request Form for key requests other than classroom keys.

Vehicle Keys

  • Pick up Vehicle Keys and a Trip Report Form from Laura Hewitt at the Facilities office, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Drop off Vehicle Keys and completed Trip Reports to Facilties, or in the secured drop-box attached to the front of the Facilities building.
  • Landmark College Vehicles

Shredding & Records Retention

The Facilities Department will pick up your boxes of documents for shredding. You must complete the Records Inventory Form [PDF], required by the State of Vermont, and attach it to the box.

Please contact Mark Higgins, Landmark's Controller, with questions about shredding or the Records Retention Policy.

Office Move Procedure

The employee supervisor will notify each employee if they will be moving to a new office location. Concurrently the Office of Facilities Planning & Operations will notify each respective employee and the employee supervisor, as well as other key personnel, through a targeted email listing the moving requirements, the moving date and the general time schedule for the move.

The employee's supervisor will send an electronic work order requesting keys for the employee's new office, and Facilities will notify the employee when the new keys are ready for pick up at the Facilities Desk. When picking up new keys, please return the old one.

The employee is asked to send in an electronic work order request to ask for packing boxes, as well as a recycling container to help in the sorting, and recycling of old documents and files. The employee is responsible for packing all their personal and work related belongings.

The employee is asked to personally move any plants or items that are fragile, or have a personal, sentimental or monetary value.

Read the full Office Move Procedure [PDF]