Seasonal Information

The Department of Facilities, Office of Planning & Operations, will notify faculty, staff and students about special seasonal requests or notices.

In winter, our crews snowplow parking lots, which may require you to move your car or be subjected to a fine. In the warmer weather, outdoor building and construction projects begin. Requests and announcements are received by the Landmark Community through Faculty, Staff & Student Digests.

  • Fall: During new student registration, we ask employees and students to park in Lot B to allow additional spaces for visitors. (New student registration takes place in the Click Sports Center near Lot C.)
  • Winter: Crews snow plow the parking lots as needed. You may be required to move your car. Shut windows so pipes do not freeze, and we save energy.
  • Spring: On Saturday April 30th, we will have a motorized street sweeper to clean and remove all sand and salt remnants from all roads, paths, and parking lots. Please monitor the digests and college-wide communication systems for updates on when to move your vehicle.
  • Summer: Most office buildings are air-conditioned. We control most temperatures. Keep your windows closed to save energy.