Green Efforts

Reducing the College’s Environmental Footprint

The College maintains a strong focus on environmental leadership and has identified the following sustainability principles and goals in its 2009-2012 Strategic Plan.

Objective 1:
Stewarding our Resources and Environment: Establish a campus-wide carbon footprint and waste reduction program at Landmark College, implementing a range of discrete but coordinated measures to reduce the College's overall environmental footprint.

Objective 2:
Establishing Future Environmental Stewards: Institute a campus-wide program for raising ecological awareness at Landmark College, serving our mission to prepare our students for "engaged and responsible world citizenship."


How You Can Help:


Recycling Bin Locations: 

Recycle your paper, magazines, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum by disposing of items in our recycling bins. Recycling is picked up weekly.

  • Square plastic bins are on the 1st floor foyers in student dorms, except for Bridges.
  • In Bridges, the bins are on the walkways.
  • Bins are near copier areas in all other buildings.


Dumpsters For Cardboard:

Please break down cardboard boxes and put them in one of our three cardboard-only dumpsters located near the Dining Hall, in the Facilities lot and behind the Student Center.



Landmark College is a leader among Vermont colleges that monitors and improves on electrical energy saving measures. In 2004 the College implemented an energy savings plan and established a long-term relationship with Efficiency Vermont—thanks to our Environmental Stewardship Council.

Since then the College has been engaged in yearly renovation projects and upgrades, and whenever possible there have been targeted projects to implement energy saving measures. These efforts are recognized by Efficiency Vermont with small fiscal incentives, but more so by the total accummulated energy savings.  To date, and in accordance with the 2015 report, the college saves $128,697.00 per year, and has lowered its electrical consumption to pre 2007 levels. We have also eliminated our peak demand load as we have installed capacitors in buildings across campus.  This will further increase the yearly savings by another $4,995.00/year, for a grand total of $ 133,692.00. Follow this link for the certified full report and graph:

In 2014 we completed an energy audit of our cmapus, and its findings are guiding our future capital planning investments and projects. Though a small institution we are proud of the progress we have made, and as we compare ourselves to other colleges and universities in the State, we have shown that we take the environment and our efforts to presertve it very seriously. Energy savings is one parameter to show what we can, and do achieve by working together.

Green Products

Landmark adheres to EPA guidelines and fully deploys the use of green cleaning products—used daily to sanitize bathrooms, common spaces and offices. The College undertook this action knowing that green products are more costly, in general, but the immediate benefits for our community are far greater than any fiscal measurable impact. We continue to update our practices to reflect new findings and to operate within fiscally responsible parameters.


Green Building Principles:

The College invests in renovations and upgrades to its physical plant to satisfy its growing needs. We employ green building principles in all projects.

Environmentally friendly products we use include:

  • Low V.O.C. paints
  • Low-out gassing carpets
  • Natural flooring materials wherever possible
  • Install of photo-voltaics whenever possible
  • Locally sourced building materials, depending on availability
  • Employ local construction companies, as feasible

Architects and builders and all contractors who do business with the College follow these principles without exception.