Getting Around Campus

Landmark College is located on 19 River Road South in Putney, Vermont.

Facilities, Planning & Operations' office is on 67 Charles Drake Lane, which is the third left off River Road South.

Student Shuttles

The College offers shuttle services to students.

Parking On Campus

Visitors, students and employees should contact Landmark's Safety & Security to register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit. All vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles, must be registered.


Where To Park

Safety & Security will give you a parking permit that assigns your vehicle to one of the College's parking lots.

Lot Locations

  • Lot A is the parking lot at the Admissions building and is for Admissions and Gate House employees. There are visitor parking spaces for anyone visiting Admissions.
  • Lot B is comprised of marked spaces along Perseverance Lane and is for employees and students. Students who have completed a minimum of three semesters at the College may be assigned to Lot B. (At no time should any vehicle park in the fire lane.)
  • Lot C includes the parking spaces between the Administration building and the Sports Center. It's for employees and students. Commuting students may be assigned to Lot C.
  • Lot D is comprised of both the upper and lower Fine Arts Building (FAB) parking lots and is for First Year students and employees who work in FAB or East Academic Building (EAB).
  • There is also an Overflow Lot off Charles Drake Lane near the Facilities Building, used for parking vehicles during snow operations and special events. It's also for student vehicles that are banned from campus parking. Vehicle operators are responsible for parking in a safe manner, as this is a dirt lot without striping.

For People Who Use Wheelchairs, the College has:

  • Reserved parking spaces available in our parking lots.
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrances to most of our buildings including the Administrative building, residence halls and the Sports Center.
  • Elevators in the Administration building, East Academic Building (EAB), Fine Arts Building (FAB), the Student Center, Frost Hall and Aiken Hall.
  • Reserved student rooms that are designed for wheelchair accessibility.
  • A wheelchair-accessible student shuttle