Damage and Bills

Each term, the College inspects student rooms, student halls and common areas, including the Student Center game room and recreational and study and learning areas.

Residential Directors (RDs) and Residential Assistants (RAs) inspect rooms and halls, while Facilities inspects the common areas.

Damage Assessment

Residential staff, with the student present, record room conditions when the student arrives on campus. At closure, this joint procedure is repeated; the room key is returned, and notations are made of any damages caused by the student that may result in charges.

Students are responsible for any damage done to personal or College property. Occupants of a room will be charged for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or missing Landmark College property.

Damages which cannot be attributed to specific individuals will be charged to all room or building occupants. Landmark reserves the right to determine the cost to repair or replace any damaged property.


Damages are assessed by Jim Lovering, Director of Facilities Maintenance and Custodial Services. The Business Office prepares bills based on those damages and emails the bill to the student and responsible payor. The bill includes instructions on how to log onto the College's secure pay online system.

Please direct questions about damage charges to Jim Lovering at jlovering@landmark.edu or call 802.387.6795. You may contact Virginia Irish, Accounts Receivable Manager, if you would like to discuss types of payment plans at billing@landmark.edu or call 802.387.6845.

Most Common Types of Damages and Fees

  • Burn marks under shelves: $35.00 or more
  • Deployment of fire extinguisher: $50.00
  • Nuisance Alarm (Putney Fire): $300.00 or more
  • Excessive garbage left in common hall, rooms or grounds: $100.00
  • Improper check-out: $50.00
  • Key replacement: $25.00
  • Moving personal items to storage: $50.00
  • Non-return of key: $25.00
  • Room cleaning: $50.00 to $100.00
  • Wall damages: $50.00 to $100.00 or more
  • Vandalism: Charges are based on repair cost.
  • Window blinds replacement: $25.00
  • Window screen replacement: $25.00

Find more information about damages and damage deposits in the Landmark College Bulletin and Catalogue