Core Planning & Facilities Activities

Core Planning Activities

  1. Develop the College's physical resources—buildings and grounds.
  2. Manage projects for the College through the phases of architectural design, development, construction or renovation, and commissioning.
  3. Ensure the College complies with local, state and federal codes and regulations for environmental and hazardous materials management.
  4. Develop long-term plans to improve the campus in cooperation with the Offices of the Senior Vice President and Administration and Finance.
  5. Support cross-divisional strategic planning efforts through the analysis, presentation and distribution of pertinent information.
  6. Prepare and manage the yearly and long-term capital budget. Keep constituencies informed of progress and long-term goals.
  7. Lead space planning and management efforts and coordinate single or multiple office relocations for faculty and staff.
  8. Oversee the physical plant planning and maintenance of the College. Keep current with market and industry trends for the longevity of the institution.

Core Facilities Activities

  1. Clean and maintain campus buildings daily.
  2. Maintain and operate campus mechanical and electrical systems.
  3. Maintain and operate a fleet of vehicles which includes:
    • Buses for student activities
    • Pick-up trucks for maintenance and delivery services
    • Grounds and road maintenance equipment.
  4. Operate snow removal equipment.
  5. Custodial Services provides daily cleaning of all common spaces, bathrooms, offices and classrooms and deep cleans all living spaces during the summer breaks.
  6. Trade Services manages renovation projects (painting, electrical maintenance and upgrades); provides plumbing and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems services; carpentry (repair and custom carpentry); and electric maintenance and compliance.