Facilities Department and Office of Planning & Operations

Facilities, Planning & Operations are located on campus at 6 Charles Drake Lane in an energy-efficient building, designed and built in 2007 by the Facilities team. We strive to keep the campus healthy and functional for living, learning and working.

  • We oversee major construction projects by outside contractors.
  • Maintain the College campus and its buildings.
  • Operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Respond to your work requests that cover 100 categories ranging from key requests to office moves.
  • We want your help in saving money and energy.
    • Recycle.
    • Report problems like water leaks.
    • Read more on Green Efforts.
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Here below follows a list of renoavtion projects completed to date on our campus.

  • Renovated the Administration Auditorium with new furniture and seminar tables, carpet and air conditioning.
  • Renovated the Black Box theater and made ti ready for successive lighting and sound upgrades.
  • Renovated Davis Hall including carpet, paint, and door replacement for all interior doors. We also added a sprinkler system through out the building.
  • Installed energy monitors (a phased project) to control our energy consumption. This particular project will be instrumental in furthering our green efforts to use less energy and be more environmentally conscious of our carbon footprint.
  • Installed split system air conditioning to the three math and computer classrooms in Admin, namely 206, 207, 209.  This together with another supply of high end computers especially tailored to the Computer Gaming Program, will complete this project. These rooms will still be used after the STI building project is completed.
  • Installed card access to the Library Building. This will provide enhanced asset control and further our efforts toward campus security.
  • We will created an enclosed TV lounge in the basement of Frost Hall, to allow for more programming and off hours television/games related activities without interfering with the rest of the building. Also in Frost Hall we renovated the showers on the east end of the building. The west end showers will be renovated next fiscal cycles.
  • Colonnade project - we addressed the ponding and drainage issues at the front of the Strauch Student Center.
  • We excavated the north side of Stone Hall to provide positive drainage away from the building, waterproof the foundation and waterproof the existing tunnel between Stone Hall and Alumni Hall.
  • Also in Stone Hall we completed the renovation of the basement area, which include cosmetic upgrades, new basebaord heating, new air conditioning for the classrooms, and renovation of the office areas damaged by the flooding of last year. Overall this will improve air quality and comfort for the whole building.
  • Bridge 1 and 2 had minor interior renivations including new paint, carpet, and we will change out all the interior doors. The same process will be applied to the other Bridges over successive fiscal cycles.
  • FAB Galleries - more work in the galleries to bring them up to the desired standard for public and college showings and increase the lighting flexibility within the space. The project was completed by the fall semster of 2014 and represents the last phase of this multi-year project in this important area of the campus.
  • Chumley A - We renovated the interior of the building with carpet and paint, to provide a more welcoming environment for our students. 

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Corrado Paramithiotti