Facilities Department and Office of Planning & Operations

Facilities, Planning & Operations are located on campus at 6 Charles Drake Lane in an energy-efficient building, designed and built in 2007 by the Facilities team. We strive to keep the campus healthy and functional for living, learning and working.

  • We oversee major construction projects by outside contractors.
  • Maintain the College campus and its buildings.
  • Operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Respond to your work requests that cover 100 categories ranging from key requests to office moves.
  • We want your help in saving money and energy.
    • Recycle.
    • Report problems like water leaks.
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2014 Announcements



During the summer of 2014 we will tackle a number of major projects affecting the students experience on campus and make improvements to the physical plant.

Some of these projects include: 1) colonnade work, 2) Hall Four drainage project, 3) Hall Four basement work, 4) Davis Lot paving, and more.


Other Completed Projects Include:

  • Continuation of upgrades to building controls, enabling us to monitor the systems' operation, and save energy.
  • Installation of energy monitors (a phased project) to control our energy consumption. This particular project will be instrumental in furthering our green efforts to use less energy and be more environmentally conscious of our carbon footprint.
  • Renovations to the Gaming Classrooms (in cooperation with ITS) providing seminar style furniture for the new computers.
  • Install of card access to the Administration Building, including the two entry doors, the Conference Room and the doors to the Gaming Classrooms. This will provide enhanced asset control and further our efforts toward campus security.
  • We have completed the furniture upgrades ot the large residence halls with Frost Hall receiving new beds, new under-bed dressers and new desks, which will increase the available floor space in each student room.
  • We have upgraded/replaced each residence hall lounge furniture as needed.
  • We have installed an underground sprinkler system for the quad, which system has a moisture sensor preventing overwatering and misuse of the resource. The new system will provide a more targeted effort to revive the grass after the winter months and maintain it during the growing season.
  • We have converted seven offices and the faculty/copy lounge in the FAB building to an open space receiving natural light from the above skilights and existing windows. The space is open and fitted with industrial type light fixtures providing "natural light" and mounted directly to the roof deck in an industrial and clean look with minimal impact by the exposed HVAC ducts. The painting studio will accommodate up to 12 students at their respective mobile stations. The studio has ample storage space for canvas and supplies as well as a dedictaed area for viewing students' arts pieces.
  • We also relocated the existing faculty lounge to the east side of the building, with new cabinets and carpeting.
  • We have completed interior renovatiuons to the building including the installation of a sprinkler system, new student room doors, carpets and paint as well as slim design heating system in all student rooms and common areas.  The bathrooms on the second floor have new tiled showers, as part of a multi year replacement project in the residence halls.  Tha basement floor of the building (offices and classrooms) will be renovated during the 2014 summer.

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Corrado Paramithiotti