Payment Calendar and Refunds

Students new to Landmark College receive a payment calendar and specific payment instructions with their enrollment agreement.  Previously enrolled students are asked to make payments on the schedule below. The enrollment deposit must be received before a student will be allowed to register for courses that semester.



Date Amount Due Explanation
4/14/2015 $750 Fall 2015 enrollment deposit
8/2/2015 $30,570 Fall 2015 semester payment
11/2/2015 $ 750 Spring 2016 enrollment deposit
12/1/2015 30,270 Spring 2016 semester payment





Refund Policy



  • Students who withdraw either voluntarily, for medical reasons, or serious emergencies, shall forfeit the application fee and enrollment deposit, but may receive a partial refund of tuition, room, and board fees, as noted below.*
  • A 100% (less any deposit paid) refund will be issued if the student withdrawals in writing prior to the start of Summer Programs offered by Landmark College or January Term classes. There is no refund after classes start, regardless of whether the student actually attended any classes.
  • Requests for refunds should be submitted in writing to the Vice President of Finance. If granted, refunds will be remitted by check from Landmark College to the person designated as the responsible payor.
  • When the total fee was paid by more than one person or entity, the amount of refund granted will be paid to the party listed as the Responsible Payor.
  • When a withdrawing student has accumulated outstanding bills or fines, the refund will be reduced by the amount owed.
  • When any authorized refund represents, in whole or in part, the proceeds of any private, state, or federal financial aid, the amount refunded will be based on the applicable federal refund formula.
  • No refund of tuition, room or board fees is made when a student is suspended or expelled from Landmark College. Any unpaid student account balance at the time of suspension/expulsion must be paid in full.



*Voluntary or Medical Withdrawal
Week of Academic Term/Semester
Percentage Refunded
of Tuition, Room and Board Fees
First Week of Class 80%
Second Week of Class 60%
Third Week of Class 40%
Fourth Week of Class 20%
After Fourth Week of Class 0%





Applying for and Receiving a Refund



  • Applications for refunds must be made in writing to the Office for Administration and Finance.
  • Any approved refund amount will be reduced by the amount of outstanding bills, fines and other charges.
  • Refunds will be issued by check to the individual or entity listed as the Responsible Payor.
  • If all or part of the refundable fees represents the proceeds of any federal financial aid, refunds will be based on the applicable federal refund formula.