Men’s Basketball

Our men’s basketball program has been a mainstay of our athletic programs since Landmark was founded.

The Landmark basketball teams are unaffiliated, so our teams are free to play a variety of teams in diverse venues.

The basketball season begins after the soccer season at the end of October and runs until our final tournament in mid-February of the Spring semester. Along the way, we play teams from Marlboro College in Vermont, Lincoln College in Connecticut, Hampshire College in Massachusetts, Lakes Region Community College in New Hampshire, as well as local men's league teams from Brattleboro, Vermont.

Following our tournament, the "Click Invitational Men's Basketball Tournament," we get together with the women's team and play a fun game vs. the Harlem Magic Masters. They are a trick-shot, comedy basketball team out of New York that includes CBA, Division 1 College and a few former NBA players. It always falls on Family Weekend and never fails to entertain fans aMen's Basketball Teamnd players alike.Harlem Magic Masters at Landmark