Equestrian Programs

If you’re a horse lover and can’t be away from your favorite form of exercise while attending college, you’ve come to the right place!

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Equestrian Course Offerings

PE1300: Riding Lessons
English and Western: whether beginner or advanced, Landmark College riding lessons are just right for you. Take lessons at your choice of facilities. The team rides at the Southern Vermont Therapeutic Riding Center, which is house at Winchester Stables in Newfane, Vermont.

PE1300: Equestrian Team 
Showing in English Hunt Seat, proper dress required. Approximately four shows per semester. Must take minimum of two lessons/week. Although showing is competitive, Landmark College stresses good sportsmanship and a focus on team spirit. Pre-registration, tryouts and good physical fitness required. Minimum $600.00 lab fee

PE1150: Introduction to Practical Equine Management 
According to the groundbreaking work by Pat and Linda Parelli, much of our horses' problems actually lie with ourselves not understanding horse language and behavior and their unique learning style!  Learn the philosophy of Natural Horsemanship. Heavy emphasis on ground work, rather than riding. Students will begin class with Safety Instruction, Equine Behaviorism, and the philosophy of “Natural Horsemanship.” Students will learn skills such as correct leading, tacking, feeding and general working around horses in diverse situations. We will move on to managing the range of horse behaviors that occur on an average level, such as aggression, fear and spooky behavior. Students will learn unique skills sets that allow them to manage horses in difficult situations both on the ground and under saddle. This course differs from others in that we will delve specifically into behavior modification for horses that is not aggressive or punishment-oriented, but rather creates control through bonding and building trust between horse and rider.

For this program, students will be introduced to the available horses and will choose one to work with for the whole semester. This early pairing ensures that the student can measure the goals and achievements that they attain during their course. $300.00 lab fee

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Matthew Volitis
Director of Athletics, Fitness & Recreation
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