Athletic Facilities

Our athletic facilities are many and varied. We have four fitness rooms to suit any level.

Click Center Pool

  • The Frost Hall Cardio room has treadmills, bikes, EFX machines and lighter weights.
  • The Click Center offers a fitness room with a bike, rowing machine, treadmills and an EFX machine.
  • The velocity pool in the Click Center offers swimmers the challenge of against-current conditioning.
  • The lower level of the Student Center houses a boxing/martial arts room with hanging bags and speed bags.

    Basketball in Click Center

Our Click Family Sports Center houses our state-of-the-art basketball court, lines for tennis, badminton and volleyball, along with a climbing wall. Pull-out bleachers regularly accommodate enthusiastic fans.




Soccer on the Quad

The quad in the middle of campus, surrounded by a colonnade and classrooms, is the location for soccer matches, softball games and many other sports and activities.

The baseball field is 3 miles south of campus and has major-league dimensions.