Athletics & Recreation


The Landmark College Athletic, Fitness, and Recreation Department enhances students’ academic experience though involvement in sports and fitness activities.  Landmark’s athletic, intramural, recreation and outdoor programs provide opportunities for participation through a wide array of offerings leading to a holistic and engaging experience that enriches the lives of all members of our community.

Our emphasis is on safe, respectful, and fair competition as well as a commitment to supporting diversity and gender equality.  We value the lessons that come through participation in our programs: teamwork and a commitment to others, leadership and the development of integrity, honesty and ethical behavior, academic success, sportsmanship including winning with humility and losing with grace and the development of healthy habits to last a lifetime.


Values and Guiding Principles

  • To provide vibrant and diverse Athletic, Fitness, and Recreation opportunities to all students.
  • To develop and follow best practices that support student athletes and coaches.
  • To create an environment where every student has the opportunity to participate in Athletics, Fitness, and Recreation if they choose to.
  • For all students to feel a sense of comfort and safety when accessing our Athletic, Fitness, and Recreation facilities and programs.
  • That Landmark student athletes will be exemplary community members excelling in academics, athletics and as members of the Landmark community.


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Steve Stanley
Director of Athletics, Fitness & Recreation
Click Family Sports Center