Outdoor Programs

Through participating in outdoor adventures, individuals learn to triumph over their perceptions of limitations and abilities.


The Outdoor Programs department provides the Landmark College community with activities and classes at the ropes course, indoor rock climbing wall, as well as at many recreational sites in Northern New England. The goal of the department is to foster leadership, self-advocacy, and social growth through recreational activities. We strive to provide challenging activities that evoke creative thinking and personal growth through lifelong recreational opportunities.

Adventure Defined

  1. Usually takes place outdoors (there is also Adventure in the Classroom)
  2. There is an element of uncertainty about the outcome
  3. Uses the Experiential Model of learning
  4. There is an element of risk associated with the activity
  5. There is a conscious application of reflection throughout the activity
  6. Changes and learning are relevant  beyond the present moment

Outdoor Programs Classes

PE1080A: Introduction to Rock Climbing
This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of rock climbing. Using predominantly the Click Sport Center's 32-foot indoor rock wall, this class will cover the basics of climbing techniques, tensile strengths of the equipment, belaying techniques, knot-tying and risk management. Upon completion of this class, the student may find themselves eligible for an internship as rock-wall manager.

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Kari Post
Assistant Director of Recreation and Outdoor Programs
Click Sports Center