The Alumni Challenge

The 2014 Annual Fund Alumni Challenge Inspires New Alumni Gifts

make a giftAlumni: here is your chance to help Landmark like never before thanks to an Annual Fund challenge match by Alumnus Brett Himsworth ’90 and his parents. Brett, also a Landmark trustee, believes that “it’s up to alumni to invest in the college that changed so many of our lives.”

Here’s how it works: Every gift, no matter how much you give, could be worth an extra $100 for Landmark:

  • If this is your first gift Landmark will receive an extra $100 when you make a gift by June 30, 2014.
  • If you’ve given before Landmark will receive an extra $50 when you make a gift by June 30, 2014 and if you increase your gift, the increase will be matched dollar for dollar up to an additional $50.

Not sure whether you’ve given before or how much? No problem! When we process your donation we will figure it out for you. Or, you can call us at Alumni Relations 802.378.6464 and we will let you know.

Thank you for supporting Landmark College. Your gift makes a big difference in the lives of current and future Landmark students.


Meet Brett Himsworth, ‘90

While Brett Himsworth ’90 only spent a short time at Landmark–just a year–the College’s impact on his life has been significant.  Now a member of the Landmark College Board of Trustees, and a prior member of the Alumni Advisory Board, Brett feels passionately that it’s up to alumni to give back to Landmark. Brett received his B.A. from Old Dominion University in 1995 and is currently Director of E-Rate Central and Textbook Central. Brett lives in New York.

It took me a decade before I truly began to appreciate what I had learned at Landmark and how well that served me in the ensuing years. My parents, who encouraged me to attend Landmark, also realized how valuable the experience was. I’ve put a lot of that learning into practice in the educational consulting business my father and I have built over the past seventeen years.

Why do I think alumni giving is so important? I believe that alumni – who have benefited the most from Landmark – should be the first to give back. It’s up to us to ensure that other students who learn differently have the same opportunity we did for a Landmark education. I also believe the very act of giving allows alumni to reflect upon what Landmark has given to them.

Last year’s alumni challenge increased alumni giving an impressive 100%.  We need to do that again, not only to increase alumni participation, but to make sure that existing alumni donors continue, and consider increasing, their support.  To help make this happen, my parents and I will make a gift for every alumnus that gives this year. We want to encourage continued, increased, and new alumni contributions to Landmark.  Together, we can make this an exciting year for Landmark alumni.

Brett Himsworth, ‘90


Annual Fund gifts support:

  • Scholarships for deserving students
  • Attracting and retaining respected faculty
  • Advancement of our technological infrastructure
  • Development of new academic initiatives
  • Updating laboratory equipment
  • Building library resources
  • Maintaining and enhancing campus facilities

Contact us for more information or make a gift online!

Carol Nardino
Senior Director of Institutional Advancement
and Special Assistant to the President

Landmark College
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