Student Support

At Landmark College, everyone is focused on helping students achieve their goals.

Working together, we help students discover their path as confident, empowered and independent learners.

We integrate our innovative learning strategies and skills into everything we do. In addition to classes, Landmark College students participate in weekly academic advisement sessions and workshops with a team of classmates, faculty and advisors. The academic advisor is the "hub" of an entire system that supports individual student performance.

Our Network of Support

Academic Support                                                                                           
The Drake Center for Academic Support is the first place students turn for help with reading, writing and study skills. There is also a Science Support Center and a Math Support Center for specific help in these areas.
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Educational Technology
Technology Learning Services can help students take advantage of the array of assistive technologies available to students with LD, ADHD or ASD.
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For students working to overcome problems with executive function issues, Coaching Services can provide ongoing strategies and support.
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Counseling & Health
Counseling Services is available to provide support to students dealing with stress and other personal, social or academic difficulties. Health Services addresses physical concerns.
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Integrated Services for Students with ASD

Students with ASD who are academically prepared may still face significant challenges navigating the social curriculum and adjusting to the more fluid routine of the college student. Landmark recognizes the need to provide additional programming to assist students with ASD to meet their college goals. At the same time, the College requires that the student applicant with ASD be deemed “college-ready” by our enrollment management department, ensuring that the student has the potential to be successful in our program and is adequately prepared for the challenges of college life. Our integrated services model provides a structured living and learning environment that combines an effective pedagogical approach with tailored social and other programmatic supports.

Landmark College offers the same range of student services found at any college—from counseling and health services to student life and athletics. The difference at Landmark is that these professionals, like our faculty and academic advisors, bring specific expertise and interest in working with students with learning disabilities, ADHD and ASD.