Students’ Stories

New York City, NY

"Landmark helps us to realize our potential and our strengths. Albert Einstein had a learning disability and he did great things because he looked at things differently. There are hundreds of stories of people with learning disabilities who did great things because they saw things differently.”


Minneapolis, MN

"I considered going straight to a four-year college. But, by mid-senior year, I was getting very frustrated. I couldn't find the right college with the support and services I knew I needed to succeed. When I finally heard about Landmark, it was a total relief to find a place that was so accepting."


Scaggsville, MD

"I only had three other options: return to Franklin & Marshall, return to community college or stay home and get a job. I chose Landmark. I have loved it. At Landmark, they teach you about yourself and what your strengths and challenges are and how to overcome those challenges by focusing on your strengths."