Do You Need Landmark?

Finding the right school is a challenge for every college-bound student.

The search is even harder when you have a learning disability, ADHD or ASD. College-level classes are challenging for everyone; for college students who learn differently, they can be overwhelming.

FACT: Some students aren’t even diagnosed with a learning difference until they reach college!

Ask us about our NEW
Associate Degree in Life Sciences.
And now with two more
NEW degree programs in Computer Science/Gaming and a
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) option for students eager to complete their undergraduate college degree at Landmark, there are more choices than ever.

Are you experiencing any of these warning signs?

  • Poor grades in most subjects
  • Long hours studying without results
  • Falling behind in most class assignments
  • Regularly missing deadlines
  • Inability to retain newly learned assignments

If the answer to any of these is YES, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the difference Landmark can make in your life. 

Whether you come to Landmark for a summer program, Bridge semester or an associate or bachelor's degree program, we’ll help you change the way you learn.