For Professionals

Woman holds pen and listens to presenter in auditorium at Landmark College

Professionals at Landmark College have partnered and collaborated with educators and other professionals in research and placement of students with learning disabilities (such as dyslexia),  ADHD, or ASD for more than two decades. We offer professional development through the Landmark College Research and Training Institute (LCIRT), as well as opportunities to visit our campus to find out how we can partner to best support students who learn differently.

We invite you to explore these opportunities and welcome your inquiries, professional to professional. Ask us about our degree programs, including a B.A. in Liberal Studies.

Professional Visit Days

We invite high school and college professionals who work with students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or ASD to visit our campus and find out why our approach continues to facilitate student academic success. 

Professional Development

LCIRT is the research, professional development, advocacy and training arm of Landmark College. The LCIRT team supports educators, disability service providers, and other professionals who recognize the importance of addressing increasingly diverse student needs. We encourage you to explore the full range of offerings through LCIRT and welcome your inquiries to better understand how we can support you and your organization.