Sound Familiar?

Wondering whether Landmark College is right for your son or daughter?

At Landmark, we know that it is easy for a student who learns differently to become overwhelmed by the demands of high school and college course work. 

Is your son or daughter experiencing any of these?

  • Poor grades
  • Difficulty keeping pace with reading assignments
  • Submitting papers past deadline
  • Difficulty managing and organizing course work
  • Trouble managing multi-step processes such as research papers

Does your student spend a lot of time “spinning wheels”?

  • Working without getting things done?
  • Studying but not retaining the information?
  • Starting assignments but not finishing them?

Is your normally bright student beginning to struggle in some classes?

  • Did he or she “get by” in classes with little effort, but now grades seem to be slipping?
  • Does your child seem to lack focus or motivation?
  • Are you beginning to wonder if he/she has what it takes to make it through college?

Does your child have “learning difficulties” that are now surfacing with the increasing demands of high school, pre-college and/or college courses?

  • Did you know it’s fairly common for parents of high school juniors, seniors—and even college students—to discover their child has an undiagnosed learning disability, ADHD, or ASD?

Are you worried about your teen’s future after high school?

  • Many students who struggle academically are undecided about what to do after graduation. And, if your child is college-bound, you may be concerned about the challenges of “life away from home,” without the structure and guidance you offer.

Guide to College Readiness [PDF]