Frequently Asked Questions

What types of students go to Landmark College?
Our students are bright and talented. Some have struggled their entire lives in traditional classrooms. Others have earned excellent high school grades and high SAT scores. Nearly a third of our students transferred to Landmark College from other colleges and universities, after realizing they weren’t prepared for the demands of college—and being separated from their supportive family and high school environments.

Why should my child go to Landmark College?
Selecting a college is difficult for most families. When a student has a diagnosed learning disability (including dyslexia), ADHD, or ASD, the choice is even harder. Landmark College understands that this type of student needs a different approach—and that’s what sets us apart. We’ll work with your student in every phase of his or her college experience—in the classroom, in advisement sessions and extracurricular activities—to ensure the best performance possible. We’ve put everything in place to help students with diagnosed learning disabilities succeed at LC and beyond.

How is Landmark College different?
We teach differently. Our size allows us to provide students with incredible personal support. We help students understand their unique learning styles—and how to put those styles to work in the classroom. We show them the latest technology that they can use to boost their learning power. We put students in charge by helping them to understand how they learn and how to master tools and strategies that leverage their individual learning styles.

How will my child be placed?
Our students are intelligent and have great potential, but some are not yet ready for college-level coursework. We perform a thorough evaluation of skill levels and issues prior to making any placements. Placement testing helps determine the best starting point for each student. A committee of top-level instructors and administrators also reviews the admissions interview, previous transcripts, and diagnostic testing results.

What are you looking at in the evaluation?
We examine reading comprehension, the ability to construct a short essay with an introduction and conclusion, and self-reported struggles. Our goal is to maximize the student’s chances for success.

What are the starting points?
The three basic points of entry for Landmark students:

  1. Language Intensive Curriculum (LIC) is a non-credit path for students with significant difficulties in reading and writing, combining direct instruction in language skills with the use of technology.
  2. Partial Credit gives students the opportunity to work on essential writing skills without credit, while also taking two courses for college credit.
  3. Credit is for students who are ready to engage with the curriculum at the college level. Within the credit option, students will be placed in either a reading comprehension and fluency focus or an academic self-management focus.

Read more about these Points of Entry.

Is Landmark College accredited?
Our programs are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). 

What degrees can my child earn at Landmark? 
Graduates earn the following degrees at Landmark College:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Starting in Fall 2015)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (Starting in Fall 2015)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
  • Associate of Art in Business Studies
  • Associate of Art in Liberal Studies
  • Associate of Science in Life Sciences
  • Associate of Science in Computer Science/Gaming
  • Certificate in Universal Design: Technology Integration

What percentage of Landmark College students go on to a four-year school?
Nearly 8 out of 10 students who graduate from our competitive curriculum go on to pursue bachelor’s degrees at colleges of their choice nationwide—including some of the nation’s most prestigious and best-known schools.

What kind of support and feedback is available for students?
Individual attention can make all the difference between success and failure. At Landmark College, students have extensive one-on-one time with our experienced faculty. They meet with their advisors each week to review what’s working, what’s not, and the steps they need to take to improve the situation. Advisors and Resident Deans talk with students about their total Landmark experience to help them understand how their classroom performance is influenced by activities outside of class.

Do you offer any tutoring?
Most of the students admitted to Landmark College have some difficulty with an essential skill, including reading, writing, and mathematics. The Center for Academic Support provides one-on-one and small group assistance on an as-needed basis. The Center is open in the evenings, so it’s available when most students are struggling with class assignments. Both appointments and walk-in assistance are available.

How long does my son or daughter have to wait before knowing how he or she is doing at Landmark College?
Because students meet with their advisors on a weekly basis, they usually have a good idea of how well they’re doing at any given moment. Our system is designed to identify the risk of academic failure early — and help students develop strategies to reduce the risk.

Does Landmark College offer wake up calls or other services to ensure students make it to class?
No, but we actively encourage students to develop their own strategies for ensuring they get to class on time. This can include a second alarm placed across the room, as well as mutual accountability arrangements with roommates. If a student is having trouble getting to class, we will notice. The Resident Dean and/or Advisor will then work with the student to develop solutions the student can manage.

Do you offer transfer services?
Yes. We realize that most of our students will want to pursue a four-year degree, and that some will choose to do so at other colleges. Our College Transfer and Career Services will help students select and apply to four-year colleges. We also have articulation agreements with several institutions, so that students who meet their admissions standards will receive full credit for their Landmark coursework.

Where do students go after Landmark College?
In recent years, our students have continued their studies at Ivy League colleges, small private colleges, large state universities, and technical and specialty colleges. In addition, increasting numbers of students are choosing to complete their bachelor's degree at Landmark College.