Homeschooled Students

The Homeschooled Admissions policy is a system designed to assist homeschooled students in the admissions process and to allow Landmark College to make informed decisions on each homeschooled applicant.

Landmark College is a private, homeschool friendly college for students with learning differences. The College understands that there are several paths a homeschooled student may follow in order to receive their high school education, paths which may differ from state to state as well as from district to district.

Academic Background

Diploma-Granting Organizations

If you are completing your homeschool education under the umbrella of a diploma-granting organization, you will need to provide evidence of coursework completed, level of performance (grades), and a copy of the diploma.


If you have received a GED or HSED following an approved curriculum endorsed by your local school committee or Superintendent, you will need to provide your GED/HSED and your School Committee/Superintendent approved academic plan (if any). You will also need to fill out the Landmark Official Home School Transcript.


In the absence of  official transcript information from a diploma granting organization or from the approving school district, GED or HSED, and statistical information, the admissions office has a difficult task assessing comparability of your educational preparedness for college level entrance. To help the Landmark Admissions Office evaluate your academic readiness, we require you to provide a portfolio of your work indicative of your academic achievement. In addition to this portfolio, you will need to complete the Landmark College Official Homeschool Transcript.

The Portfolio may include:

  • Coursework or grades from classes taken from educational institutions
  • AP Tests
  • Achievement Test
  • Recommendations from qualified tutors or teachers
  • Work examples
    • Independent research projects
    • Writing samples: research Papers, reports, essays, or other writing examples
    • Evidence of completed units in history, math, science and other academic subject areas
    • Descriptions of books and other curricular materials used in your high school-level education experience

Send completed application materials to:

Office of Admissions
Landmark College
19 River Road South
Putney, VT 05346