Re-Enrollment Process for Former Students

Very often, students who have left the College before graduating (either with an associate or a bachelor’s degree) decide they need to return—for a class in the summer, for a semester, or to complete their degree. Re-enrollment requirements depend, to some extent, on the circumstances of the departure.

Students who have been away from the College for part of a semester or longer will work through the Student Affairs (not their former academic advisor or any other office) and should use the following process to request re-enrollment for a future semester:

  • In the time when a student who has withdrawn or has been suspended is away from Landmark College, it is expected that he or she has been constructively occupied and has maintained a satisfactory standard of conduct.
  • In all cases, re-enrollment will require a personal statement outlining why the student is requesting re-enrollment to the College and how the student has occupied his or her time while away from the campus. Students should also include transcripts from any educational institution they attended while they were away from Landmark. 
  • Please note other factors that will be taken into consideration in the re-enrollment process:
    • Students who left in poor academic standing may be placed on Academic Probation for a period of at least one semester.
    • Students who withdrew for medical reasons or for reasons of safety must obtain a recommendation from a clinical practitioner who is qualified to assess the student’s current state of physical and/or mental health and can state that the student is ready to reengage in a residential college and the rigors of a course of academic study.
    • Students who were suspended from the College must provide all documentation required in their letter of suspension from the College. 
    • Students who left with pending disciplinary charges will be required to address those matters with the student conduct office before re-enrollment can be completed.

While the majority of students who apply for re-enrollment do return to Landmark College, re-enrollment is not guaranteed to any applicant. The College seeks to re-enroll only those students who have demonstrated an ability to remain in good academic standing and citizenship, and who are likely to persist to the completion of the degree requirements. Therefore, the College may sometimes advise an applicant to defer his or her return until a time later than the one originally proposed.

To initiate the re-enrollment process, a student should complete the Online Re-enrollment Request Form.  Once received, the request will be reviewed by the College. In most cases, a response will be provided within 10 days. Any further questions about re-enrollment to the College should be directed to Student Affairs.

Questions? Contact us for more information!

Michael Luciani
Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Campus Life