LD & ADHD Support at Other Colleges

Many students will continue to need academic and personal support at their next college or university. The process of applying and qualifying for these services varies significantly by institution and can be complicated in some cases.

General Guidelines for Applying for LD & ADHD Services

  • Students should contact disability support services at the colleges they are applying to and should find out specifically to whom learning disability documentation should be sent and if there are any additional requirements necessary for arranging for accommodations.
  • Unless it is specifically requested, students should NOT send their psycho-educational evaluation to the admissions office of any college to which they are applying.
  • In accordance with federal law, Landmark College will not transfer, release, disclose, or otherwise offer for inspection for any purpose those records that are exempt from disclosure under FERPA, specifically including psycho-educational and related records.  A student's disability documentation is NOT part of their academic record. Students are responsible for disclosing information regarding their disability to the colleges and universities to which they are applying. However, it is possible to have the Registrar's Office forward a student's documentation. Contact the Registrar or Transfer Services for more information.
  • In general, disability documentation and testing should be no more than three years old at the time of application to the next college.
  • No college or university is going to have the same high level of support as Landmark College. It is important that students are clear on what kind of accommodations they will need at their next college, and that they visit the schools they are interested in. Making time during a visit to speak to a knowledgeable person in the disability support services area is highly recommended. It is very important that not only is the institution a match for the student, but that the specific services and accommodations needed are available. 
  • Some institutions require separate applications, while others don't want any documentation until a student is actually accepted. Some institutions limit the number of students in their learning disability program. Again, it is extremely important to contact disability support services in advance at the colleges to which the student is applying to find out specifically what is required.  Waiting until the last minute to apply and send the appropriate documentation to the necessary offices will make a transition to the next college more difficult.