The Value of an Internship

An internship is a pre-professional, career-related experience that can provide mentorship, training, and exposure in a given field. Landmark College is committed to creating the resources required for students who learn differently to access career experiences in direct correlation with our burgeoning Bachelor of Arts and internship program. 

Internships at  Landmark College

The Transfer & Career Services staff offers support for Landmark students as they navigate the timing and methodology for developing career-related experiences. Cultivating career-readiness skills and learning how to explore formal and hidden networks requires intention, maturity, and hard work. 

Internships vary in terms of responsibilities, projects, and length. They can be paid or unpaid and sometimes offer academic credit. Academic internships for credit require students to adhere to Landmark College’s Internship Policy, which include guidelines regarding faculty sponsorship, course registration, and the rewarding of credit.  Landmark students also have the opportunity to apply for non-academic paid internships while attending college.

Current Opportunities

Landmark College is a member of the Windham Higher Education Cooperative (WHEC), which received a grant in 2014 from the Vermont Department of Labor to create an internship program to support students at six area colleges. This program is housed at the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation and state-wide internship listings can be found on the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility website.  

Students interested in pursuing an internship through WHEC should schedule an appointment with Transfer and Career Services. We can help students with the résumé, cover letter, and interview preparation needed to apply.

Additionally, internships are available for all college students through existing job postings with external employers and through established opportunities through a variety of databases and publications. A student can also develop their own internship by contacting an organization and offering to work as an intern.