Resume Writing

A resume is a tool for you to demonstrate your history, skills and qualifications to potential employers and to pique that potential employer’s interest – enough for them to invite you in for an interview.

What do I need a resume for?

  •     Summer Jobs
  •     Internships
  •     Scholarships
  •     College Applications

How do I write a resume?

Resume writing is a step-by-step process and many students require assistance. The staff of the Transfer Services Office is available to help you through this process. We can talk to you about the steps that are necessary and walk you through them.

Transfer Services sometimes uses a program called Optimal Resume that can assist you in formatting your resume. To utilize this program, you can make an appointment with one of our staff. We can show you how this innovative resume writing program works and then you are free to use it on your own, or you may continue working with us.

Steps to Writing a Resume

  • Brainstorm on a piece of paper: Write down your past work, school and volunteer experiences. Even things that seem minor to you could be an important piece of your resume.
  • Obtain the dates and locations of your experiences.
  • Choose your resume format: reverse chronological, functional or a combined format.