Choosing a Major

Students often choose a particular major because it will help to prepare them for a specific career path.

There are many career–focused majors, such as business, education, engineering, computer science or nursing.

You may choose a major simply because you love the subject matter. If you choose a major because you love studying English Literature, you may eventually end up pursuing a career that is not directly related to what you studied in college. How many historians do you know?  Probably not very many—but history is actually a very popular major. What you major in does not necessarily determine your career.

Some things to think about when considering the right major for you:

  • What classes have you really enjoyed?
  • What courses have you not enjoyed? 
  • Have there been general education requirements that you thought you'd hate but ended up really enjoying?  
  • Are you involved in a club or organization that you really enjoy?
  • What do you like to do with your free time? 

What Can I Do With This Major? - A great resource with printable information about over 80 majors. Free to everyone!

Think about ways to turn your interests into a major. For example, if you love sports and have an interest in anatomy and physiology, perhaps you'd be interested in sports medicine? Of course, sometimes it's not that easy and it helps to chat with someone about your ideas and interests.

We can help.  Set up an appointment with the Transfer & Career Services Office today.  You can also talk to your advisor. They may know what it takes to handle certain academic disciplines and they are aware of your individual strengths and interests. They might be able to identify courses and majors that interest you that you've not considered.