Choosing Your Courses

In addition to the foundational course, Narrowing the Gap – Becoming a Strategic College Student, visiting students can choose between electives.

Student in visiting summer 2010All visiting college students are required to take the core foundation, non-credit seminar, Narrowing the Gap: Becoming a Strategic College Student. This developmental course is considered key to Landmark's summer program and to our goal of teaching visiting college students how to function better in school and improve their self-management skills.

Students must choose one of two tracks, depending on which type of additional elective course they prefer:

Track A: Developmental Focus

  • REQUIRED: Narrowing the Gap - Becoming a Strategic College Student (Non-Credit)
  • One additional non-credit developmental course (choose between two Writing Seminars) focusing on skill development:
    • Structure, Style and Strategies - Demystifying Academic Writing
    • Establishing an Effective Writing Process - Improving Your Executive Function
    • Track A Detailed Course Descriptions
  • Optional one-credit Physical Education Class

Track B: Academic/Developmental Combination

Course Descriptions cover all of these course options in more depth.

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