What Parents Say About Landmark’s Transition-to-College Program

The following are comments received from parents of students who attended Landmark’s Transition Program.

Student at Landmark College, Summer 2010"I appreciate the kindness and compassion of the Landmark faculty and staff. They "get" these kids—they understand them. The Summer Transition Program was great preparation for the "real thing." My objectives were met: giving my son a taste of independent living in a college-like atmosphere."

"It is a very beneficial program that really addresses each student's individual style of learning and builds upon that to help them achieve success in the mainstream."

"This program helped my son get a better handle on the work required at the college level. So far, so good at college! He feels ready to take on anything his professors throw at him. Thank you for a great experience!"

"Our son benefited very much having a dress rehearsal of what he might experience his freshman year and learning about advocating for his accommodations. It gave him confidence that he was, in fact, ready for college. And it helped us feel better about him leaving home. It was a reminder that he's continuing to grow and achieve in spite of learning differences and personality differences."

"Landmark's Transition Program helped our son "own" his learning needs and gave him the self-confidence to be his own advocate. Perhaps I helped get him ready for Landmark, but Landmark was the ever-so-important piece that got him to the next level of adulthood. You are simply the best at what you do."

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