How Will You Benefit From Landmark’s Summer Transition to College Program?

Landmark College offers structured support that can provide real help.

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As a college-bound senior...

  • Do you spend a lot of time "spinning wheels"—working hard without getting things done?
  • Studying but not retaining information?
  • Starting assignments but not finishing them?
  • Is senior year requiring more effort than ever before?
  • Did you previously "get by" in classes with little effort, but now grades seem to be slipping?
  • Do you see signs of learning problems with the increasing demands of pre-college courses?
  • Are you worried you might not "make it" at college?

It's fairly common to discover you have a learning disability or ADHD when you reach high school or even college.

Your parents may be concerned about the challenges of "life away from home" without the structure and guidance parents and high school can offer.

How Can Landmark College Help?

Landmark College's Summer Transition to College Program is designed to help college-bound students who learn differently by:

  • Building academic performance through specific skill and strategy development in small, personalized classes that will prepare you for what you'll experience at the college level
  • Introducing you to the concepts of self-understanding and self-advocacy in a college-like setting

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