Residential & Student Life

Living on Campus: A Taste of College Life

Participants experience a safe, supportive environment during their 15 days in the Transition to College Program. The residence hall is staffed by a professional Resident Director (RD) and a team of college-aged mentors, known as RAs (Resident Assistants). This team helps participants bridge the gap between time in the classroom, and the rest of the day and evening. The staff, many of whom have had experience dealing with their own learning differences, help students create and participate in a genuine learning community.

Resident Deans and Resident Assistants Summer 2010Weekend Programs

During the program's weekends, students will have an opportunity to participate in planned group activities, such as outdoor hiking, white-water rafting and cultural events. Such activities are designed to be more than fun experiences—they also teach students how to handle themselves in large groups.

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