Summer Credit Program

Landmark College offers Summer Terms to help college students maintain the learning momentum they established during the traditional semester and to give students a chance to earn credits toward graduation.
If you participate in Summer Term, you can...

  • Earn 8 or 9 credits each session
  • Focus on fewer courses for a shorter period of time
  • Graduate sooner.
  • Save some money and...
  • ...enjoy Vermont in the summer!

  • Summer in Vermont is all about our natural surroundings, experiencing unique artists and musicians, and our famous landscape.
  • After class and on the weekends there will be plenty of chances to hang out with your friends—or make new ones—through the programs and activities we offer.
  • On campus you'll find recreational sports and activities, social programs like bonfires, movies and coffeehouses, and some programs that help you work better in your courses.
  • Off campus you will have the chance to go rafting, kayaking, or travel to Six Flags or Boston.

Current Students:  Make an appointment with your Advisor to select and register for summer courses.

Visiting Students:  2014 Application for Summer Session II now available  Brochure and Application

Study Abroad Opportunities:  Broaden your experience - both academically and personally - and earn 3 credits for each 3-week program. -

Course Offerings & Descriptions
Summer Term Course offerings span a wide range of content to support visiting and current Landmark College students’ interests and learning style preferences. To find out more about summer offerings at Landmark College, contact your academic advisor.

Summer Credit Session I

June 2 - July 3, 2014
Courses run Monday - Friday
Morning Sessions: 9 - 11:30 a.m.
Afternoon Sessions: 1:30 - 4:00 p.m. - Science courses meet longer as 4 credit offerings.

Students may choose one or two courses from the following:

  • AT 1311: BL&WH Photo I
  • AT 2311: BL&WH Photo II
  • AT  2151: Painting
  • BU 1211:  Personal Finance
  • ED2012: Comparative Education (Netherlands; Study abroad opportunities during this session)
  • EN 1021: Research and Analysis
  • FY 1011: Perspectives in Learning
  • HU 1012: Hum II: Renaissance to Present
  • HU2661: The Irish Experience (Ireland; Study abroad opportunities during this session)
  • MA 1311: Mathematical Ideas
  • NS 2051: Aquatic Biology
  • SL 1011: American Sign Language I

Additionally students may choose one of the following one credit courses listed below:

  • PE 1010: Yoga
  • PE1180: Fencing
  • PE 1000: Bike Exploration

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Summer Credit Session II

July 7 - August 8, 2014
Courses run Monday - Friday
Morning Sessions: 9 – 11:30 a.m.
Afternoon Sessions: 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. Science courses meet additional time as 4 credit offerings.

Landmark students may choose one or two courses from the following:

Visiting students may only enroll in one of the following:

  • AT 1221: Ceramics
  • *BU 2011: Effective Business Communication
  • *CO2031:  Leadership and Small Group Communications
  • EN 1061: Creative Writing
  • *EN 2051: Special Topics; Film in Literature
  • NS 1021: Intro to Biology:  Organisms and the Environment
  • MA 1421: Statistics
  • *HU 2011:   Western Worldviews
  • *SS 2711:   Human Sexuality

       *=Pre-requisite required (see course description for details)

All students may choose one courses from the following:

  • PE 1010: Yoga
  • PE 1180: Fencing
  • PE 1040: Karate
  • PE 1000: Bike Exploration
  • PE  ------: Soccer

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Cost & Financial Aid

Summer Session I:  June 1 - July 3, 2014

  • $4,200 Tuition for 1st Course
  • $2,300 Tuition for 2nd Course      
  • Optional $250 Tuition for 1st PE Course             
  • Optional $250 Tuition for 2nd PE Course         
  • $6,500 Total Tuition                             
  • $850 Room
  • $250 Optional Single Occupancy Fee ($50.00 per week)                                               
  • $850 Board                                                
  • $7,500 - $8,950 Total Tuition, Room & Board

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