Intensive Workshop for Success in College in Berkeley, California

Landmark College’s West Coast program

Are you a recent high school graduate or college student who struggles with:

  •     Recalling information for a test that you spent hours studying for?
  •     Organizing your thoughts and putting them into a clearly written paper?
  •     Focusing on reading/retaining what you’ve read?
  •     Managing your time and materials?
  •     Starting or finishing a task?

If this sounds like you, don’t miss Landmark College’s five-day workshop:

Summer Intensive Workshop for Success in College
(for new & continuing college students who learn differently)
August 1 - 5, 2016 -- University of California, Berkeley
Cost: $1, 900.00

* Limited single occupancy on-campus housing is available beginning Sunday, August 1, until Friday, August 6, for an additional fee. This fee includes two on-campus meals a day: breakfast and lunch. Housing is available for enrolled students who are 18 years old or older and prepared for an independent living situation.

This workshop will help you feel better prepared and more confident as you begin or return to college this fall.

In this workshop, our experienced faculty will help you discover:

  •     What science shows us about what we can do to improve our attention, memory and motivation
  •     Specific strategies and technologies that can support your skills in note-taking, reading, writing, memory, and organization as a successful college student

For more information, view and download the 2016 application booklet. 

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