One-Credit Physical Education Courses

Because JTerm is focused on health and welness and intragrated approach all students are required to enroll in one PE course

  • PE 1420 Ski and Snowboard: .* (additional cost (One day  of skiing or snowboarding, including lessons for those wishing to sharpen their skills on the slopes).
  • PE 1010 Yoga : 
  • PE 1120: Volleyball: 
  • PE 1180: Fencing:
  • PE 1410: Walking "Snowshoeing" for health

PE 1420 Ski and Snowboard:
Faculty Rebecca Shangraw
This one-credit course is designed exclusively for students enrolled in the January Term who are interested in improving their skiing or snowboarding/pipe skills. See advisor for costs.
Pre-Requisites: None

PE 1010: Yoga:
Instructor: Kristen Cassidy
This course supports students interested in exploring mind/body integration and offers an appealing option for balancing academic work with a healthy lifestyle. Conditioning, breathing techniques and self-awareness are covered. Assessment based on a willingness to explore yoga practice through regular attendance and participation.
Pre-Requisites: None

PE 1120: Volleyball Skills:
Instructor: Ellen Wood
This course includes all the basic volleyball techniques including spiking, digging, volleying and serving. Especially recommended for those who participate in competitive volleyball. Beginners, however, are welcome as well.
Pre-Requisites: None

PE 1180: Fencing:
Instructor: Erik Schmitt
In this one-credit class, students will learn the basic theory and techniques of 17th century Italian fencing using a sword called a Rapier. While some history will be taught to provide context, the majority of the class will be dedicated towards physical hands-on work. Classes will consist of a roughly even mixture of drill/lesson and sparring and will be presented from a martial arts and educational perspective rather than as a competitive sport. As a result, this fencing class is ideal for students who are seeking a physical activity outside of a team sport. All equipment will be provided.
Pre-Requisites: None

PE1410: Walking "Snowshoeing" for Health
Faculty: Rebecca Shangraw
This course is designed for students who are interested in beginning a low-impact exercise regimen of walking on varied terrain using optimal striding and breathing techniques.
Pre-Requisites: None

More questions about a particular course? Feel free to contact the professor directly via email.