January Term

January Term is designed to provide maximum opportunity for intense learning either on or off campus. Our on-campus program focuses on enriching the mind and body connection, and our 3-week Study Abroad programs provide a rich cultural and academic experience that focuses on the importance of global citizenry.

On-Campus J-Term

New and returning students enrolled in J-Term have options to earn credits, enhance academic skills and engage in physical activities.

  • Students can earn as many as 4 credits during J-Term
  • Enjoy an intensive and focused learning experience
  • Shorten the length of time needed to complete your degree requirements

Classes begin January 6th and end January 23th. Academic Classes meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Friday:  9:00 -11:30 a.m. and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 1:30 and 4:00 pm.

On-Campus Resources

Students have access to campus resources during J-Term: health services, counseling, Drake center for Academic Support, and the Library. While students enrolled in J-Term are not assigned a designated advisor, the Drake center is staffed by personnel who have fulfilled the advising role during regular semesters. The academic intervention team is also in place to help support students experiencing academic difficulties due to attendance, work completion, or other academic related concerns. The residential staff offers programming in the evenings that supports the wellness initiatives embedded within the J-Term experience.  Professors include experiential opportunities as part of their classes.  Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Residential life work closely together to help provide a robust experience for students both within and outside of the classroom.

Course Registration Process

Course registration opens on Oct. 30th. On Dec. 2nd course enrollment is reviewed. If a course is under-enrolled, it is canceled. Students should include second choices on their registration forms.  In the case of the on- line course, students should register by Dec. 2nd so that they can attend a meeting with the instructor before leaving campus. Otherwise, students can add a course all the way until the end of the Add period, Jan 8th, provided they have housing reserved on-campus. Students must be enrolled in an on campus J-Term course in order to be on campus.  J-Term tuition is non- refundable, so it is particularly important that students make use of the Add period to make course changes.

Students interested or who have questions should contact their advisor, or Associate Dean, Jill Hinckley at jhinckley@landmark.edu.

Costs for J-Term 2014

The cost for J-Term varies by student status.

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Three-Credit Academic Classes at the 1000 or 2000 Level

  • AT1221 Ceramics I
  • BU2511 Intro to Marketing
  • CO1011 Intro to Communication
  • CO2065 Broadcast Journalism
  • *CS1101  Intro to Computer Applications (online course)
  • ED1011 Intro to Education
  • EN2053 Stay Alive: Harrowing Narratives
  • * FY1101 Learning Perspectives I (jump start for entering students)
  • MA1421 Statistics

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One-Credit Physical Education Courses

  • PE 1420 Ski and Snowboard: .* (additional cost (One day  of skiing or snowboarding, including lessons for those wishing to sharpen their skills on the slopes).
  • PE 1010 Yoga : 
  • PE 1120: Volleyball: 
  • PE 1180: Fencing:
  • PE 1410: Walking "Snowshoeing" for health

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Off-Campus (Study Abroad)

Students enroll in 3-credit courses designed to introduce them to the culture, people and opportunities for service learning.

Please email Peg Alden, Director of International Education, to find out more about how to apply to the program: palden@landmark.edu.

For a full description of the program, go to Study Abroad.

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Jump Start Option

New students who are enrolled for the spring semester can take advantage of our Jump Start Option and also benefit from our integrated health and wellness approach.

  • Intensive immersion in our required study skills course  FY1101: Learning Perspectives I
  • Support services are available at the Drake Center for one on one support and the Landmark College Library with librarians skilled in working with diverse student populations.
  • Wednesdays are dedicated to skiing or snowboarding, including lessons for those wishing to sharpen their skills on the slopes.

Not interested in the slopes? We also offer other PE options, including volleyball skills, fencing, yoga and showshoeing. All PE courses will receive one credit and are required as part of J-Term.

student faceEnjoy winter wonderland opportunities on and off campus, and in and out of doors, led by our experienced faculty and dedicated staff.

Students interested or who have questions should contact their advisor, or Associate Dean, Jill Hinckley at jhinckley@landmark.edu.

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J-Term News Letter

News Letter

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Jill Hinckley
Associate Dean of Academics