Living on Campus in the Summer High School Program at Saint Vincent College

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The Residence Halls

Not only will students be immersed in rich academic work, they will also live among their fellow students within a single residence hall on campus. Residence hall rooms are double-occupancy, so students will have a roommate, and the hall is seperated by floor based on gender.  The residence hall is appropriately staffed by professional Resident Directors and college-aged mentors, known as Resident Assistants. This team helps students to bridge the gap between their classroom experiences and the rest of their day and evening. The RDs and RAs help students engage in the community and ensure a secure living and learning experience.Students experience a safe, supportive, college-like setting during their three-week stay in the residence halls at Saint Vincent College. 

The Dining Hall

Students will enjoy meals together in the dining hall, which offers a wide variety of choices, including an array of hot and cold entrees, a sandwich and salad bar and yummy desserts. Dining services are fully equipped to handle a variety of dietary restrictions.

Weekend Activities

We also work to make sure students have plenty of fun during their experience on campus!

Saturdays and Sundays provide an opportunity for students to participate in well-planned group programs. These excursions are more than fun experiences -- they also teach students how to handle themselves in larger groups. Students will enjoy a visit to Twin Lakes Arts and Heritage Festival on July 4th, and, fireworks that night, of course.  Also planned is an afternoon at Ligonier Camp which includes a high ropes course, laser tag, and a "vomit comet" for the more adventurous.  A visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters nearby and an on campus Talent Show are also in the works for students attending the Landmark College Summer High School Program at Saint Vincent College.

Afternoon Activities

Afternoon activities are an important part of the full program and run every weekday afternoon beginning at 3:00 p.m. They provide a balance to the day and a chance for each student to try some new kind of engagement. Students are asked to sign up for an activity in which they will participate in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday for the entire program.  On Tuesdays and Thursday, students will paticipate in an interactive educational series entitled College Basics 101 which will include sessions on stress management, financial literacy, interview basics and understanding your social media footprint.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday, students will have a choice of the following options:

Art and Music Sampler
Explore your creative side!  This extracurricular activity is designed for students of all ability levels.  Individual class sessions will focus on one artistic activity from drawing and painting to tips on formatting and designing page layouts to dancing and singing.   

Cardio Kickboxing
This fitness class is filled with upbeat music, choreographed aerobic movements, and is absolutely the most fun you will ever have working out!  The class features multiple kickboxing moves such as punches, hooks, upper jabs, and front, side, and back kicks.  The routines also incorporate squats, lunges, jumping, and dance moves.  Cardio Kickboxing is a great full-body workout for anyone and can be done at any fitness level.  The class will begin by showing proper techniques and ways to do the moves at a lower impact.  Drink breaks are taken every few songs, and there is a stretching/cool down routine at the end of each class.      

Chemistry in Crime
Students will learn the basic concepts and practices of forensic science.  These concepts will help explain how various forms of evidence can be left at the scene of a crime, how the evidence is found, and how a laboratory can determine the relevancy of that evidence.  Students will participate in hands-on activities to analyze fingerprints and fluids.    

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