Cost & Financial Aid for the Landmark College High School Summer Program at Saint Vincent College

Cost of Attendance

The total cost of attendance in 2015 (tuition, room, and board) is $5,300 for the entire three-week program. This cost includes all afternoon and weekend activities. 

Generous Scholarship Funding is available!

Scholarship assistance is available for qualifying students through a grant from the Eden Hall Foundation. Landmark College financial aid is available for students outside of the the southwestern Pennsylvania area. Students must first apply and be accepted to the program before seeking scholarship or financial aid. Scholarship awards ranging from $500 to the full cost of the program will be awarded based on financial need and student merit.

Requirements for receiving the scholarship:

  • Completed scholarship application (available to accepted students)
  • Student essay
  • Parent and/or student tax return from 2015

Additional Financial Aid Information

Non-grant funded financial aid is available for students applying from outside the southwestern Pennsylvania area for the High School Summer Program at Saint Vincent College. This Landmark College-based financial aid is based primarily on need. Awards can range from $500 to the full cost of tuition. Students must be accepted to the program before receiving an award.

Landmark College financial aid applications for the summer program are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis after a student is accepted into the program. Parents are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible after their son or daughter has been accepted.

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