Summer Programs for High School Students Who Learn Differently

New 2014 location added: St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania!
Landmark College location will also offer a Social Pragmatics Track for students who have strong academic potential but struggle with social pragmatics.

Landmark's Summer High School Program offers rising junior and senior students who learn differently a chance to work with trained faculty and staff for a full three weeks. Students take three academic courses each weekday, participate in a robust activities program every afternoon, attend structured academic prep programs four nights a week, attend group programs and activities each weekend and, in group seminars, meet and learn from experts in the field of learning differences.

To be accepted into the program, students must be between 16 and 18 years of age, have completed their sophomore year of high school and be returning to high school in the fall.

Social Pragmatics Track (Putney Campus only): This track, which will run alongside the existing High School Program, is specially designed for students who have strong academic potential but struggle with social pragmatics. It will focus on helping participants increase their potential for successful social connections while developing stronger academic routines. Students will learn and practice techniques and strategies that will allow them to better manage a variety of social environments. The track will also provide academic stimulation with social cognition embedded throughout the curriculum.

Students in the Social Pragmatics Track will share many activities and classes with the traditional High School Program, but they will also have some special programming aimed at their needs and interests. In particular, this track will feature a more intensive on-campus orientation, separate residential setting and a  high faculty/staff ratio.

The objectives of this specialized track are to assist students to:

  • Apply self-advocacy skills in academic and non-academic settings.
  • Find flexibility within their routines.
  • Better understand their own sensory needs and identify coping strategies.
  • Integrate strategies and practices for success into academic courses.
  • Improve overall pragmatic language skills.
  • Develop stronger oral and written expression and outside perspective.

Participants are not required to have a diagnosed learning disability to participate in any Landmark summer program.

Students at Landmark College, Summer 2012
Dates & Locations

Traditional High School Program
Saint Vincent College • Latrobe, Pennsylvania (NEW 2014 Location!)
Sunday, June 29 – Saturday, July 19, 2014
expected enrollment: 30 students - students from the western PA area will be given priority
cost: $5,300

Traditional High School Program
Landmark College • Putney, Vermont
Sunday, July 6 – Saturday, July 26, 2014
expected enrollment: 100 students
cost: $5,300

Social Pragmatics Track
Landmark College • Putney, Vermont
Thursday, July 3 – Saturday, July 26, 2014
expected enrollment: 25 students
cost: $6,250

Financial Aid is available for the High School Summer Program. Scholarships are also available and are based primarily on financial need. Awards range up to the full cost of the program. Private educational loans are also an option. To apply, complete the Financial Aid Application [PDF]. Students must be accepted to the program before receiving an award.

About the Summer High School Program
The High School Program is all about engagement with serious academic work, writing, learning strategies for success in high school.

We know that not everyone learns in the same way. Our experience with young people who learn differently suggests that a sense of self and a good insight into one's individual learning style can make a big difference in outcomes at school.

For over 10 years our summer program has given participants a taste of college and an opportunity to join a learning community in which all the members are dedicated to academic achievement, mutual respect and personal change and growth. We offer a learning environment where students—and teachers—understand and share these values.

Our experienced summer faculty will help students:

  • Begin to understand individual learning differences
  • Develop a writing process that uses proven techniques to write faster, more clearly and with fewer struggles
  • Integrate strategies and practices into content courses
  • Begin to focus on the development of better daily habits

About the Day
Participants follow the same basic timetable at each Summer High School Program location.

8:00 a.m.  –  9:15 a.m.             Common Breakfast   

9:00 a.m.  – 10:15 a.m.             Class #1                                 .             
10:30 a.m.  –  11:45 a.m.          Class #2                                                                    

11:45 a.m.  –  1:15 p.m.            Lunch & Free Time                                                  

1:30 p.m.  –  2:45 p.m.             Class #3                                                                    

3:00 –  5:00 p.m.                      Co-Curricular Activities                                                           

5:00  –  7:00 p.m.                     Free Time/Dinner

7:30 - 9:00 p.m.                       Academic Prep (evening study)

9:00 – 11:00 p.m.                     Free Time

About the Locations
Landmark College is situated just outside the small village of Putney, Vermont in picturesque southern Vermont. Putney is just nine miles from historic Brattleboro, named one of the "The 20 Best Small Towns in America" by Smithsonian Magazine. The Landmark College program is limited to no more than 110 students in the traditional program and 25 in the Social Pragmatics Track. The program is directed by Landmark College faculty and the instructors are a mix of secondary school teachers from the surrounding areas who are experienced in working with high school aged students with learning differences and Landmark College faculty.

Saint Vincent College is in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, an area is teeming with countless opportunities for recreation and exploration. An area not only celebrated for its abundant outdoor activities, the region also boasts a tremendous opportunities to discover artistic and historical offerings. The Summer High School Program at Saint Vincent College is partially funded by a grant provided by the Eden Hall Foundation which will offer scholarship support to students enrolled from the south western Pennsylvania area.  Scholarship applications will be distributed directly to qualifying students. Scholarships awards will be based on both merit and financial need.  Students from Latrobe and surrounding communities, including nearby Pittsburgh, will be given priority regarding enrollment in the Summer High School Program at Saint Vincent College.

Call our Admissions Office at 802.387.6718 or send an e-mail to: