How to Request a Transcript

A transcript contains records of all courses taken, and grades and credit received. Official Landmark College transcripts, bearing the college seal and the Registrar's signature, will be released only upon written request of the student or alumni, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.

Transcripts may be withheld by order of an appropriate college official if any financial or other obligation to Landmark College remains unmet.

Need a Transcript?

It is the policy of Landmark College that its official transcripts, bearing the College seal and the Registrar's signature, be released only upon written request. Only a current student or former student may request his or her transcript and the student's signature is required. Emailed and phone requests are not acceptable. Faxed requests are only accepted when accompanied by credit card payment information. Parents may not request their child's transcripts.

Official transcripts are $7.00 each and payment must accompany the transcript request for it to be processed. Cash, checks, money orders, and Visa, Discover and MasterCard are acceptable for payment; checks should be made payable to Landmark College. There is no charge to request an unofficial transcript.

Transcripts are normally processed within three working days after the receipt of the request. Students who provide an email address will receive a confirmation message.

To Request your Transcript:

Print the Request for Transcript Form [PDF]. Complete it and mail or fax it as instructed. Or, send a letter containing the following information:

  1. Your complete name when you were a student and the semesters and years you attended Landmark College.
  2. Your signature.
  3. Your current address, telephone number and email address. This is in case we have questions, and so we can confirm the release of your transcript.
  4. The complete name and address of where the transcript needs to be sent. Please confirm with the recieving party that the address(es) you are including are for transcript submissions. In most cases, the general address for the school is not the same for application submissions.
  5. If the official transcript needs to be sent to you rather than mailed to a third party, please indicate this on the form and include your complete address.
  6. The fee of $7.00 applies for each official transcript ordered.
  7. Mail this information to:

Landmark College
Registrar's Office
19 River Road South
Putney, VT 05346

For more information, you can reach the Registrar’s Office at 802-387-6711. Our fax number is 802-387-6400.

Questions? Contact us for more info!

Karen Damian

Lindsay Cox
Assistant Registrar