Transfer Credits

Landmark College will accept as many credits as appropriate (up to 80 credits in the Bachelor of Arts degree or 30 credits in the Associate of Arts or Sciences degrees).  All students are required to complete at least 24 out of their final 30 credits at Landmark College. 

Determination of eligible credits depends on program requirements and individual transcripts. Transfer students entering Landmark with 40 (or more) credits may be allowed to waive certain prerequisites and/or replace core courses. Students are required to get approval from the appropriate Department Chair to enroll in higher level courses without prerequisites.

 Transfer credits do not affect the student’s GPA; the course and credits are transferred, but not the grade.

 The following requirements must be met to receive credit:

  •  Credits must be from a public or private institution accredited by an authorized regional accreditation agency, such as NEASC.
  • Course grades must be at 2.0 or higher (i.e., “C”) to be transferred to Landmark.  
  • AP courses with a grade of 3 or above may be transferred to receive credit.
  • IB courses with a grade of 4 or above may be transferred to receive credit.

General Transfer Credit Guidelines

Transfer credits will be reviewed upon declaration of degree to determine further transfer credits, or the appropriate allocation of transfer credits. Please review the College's Declaration of Degree policy for more information on declaring your degree.

 Each institution’s course numbering system is different, and courses must be evaluated based on course descriptions/syllabi to determine course level. For example, courses numbered at the 200/2000 level at other institutions are not automatically guaranteed to transfer at the 2000 level at Landmark College.

 If students are transferring into the college with the intention of pursuing an A.A. or A.S. degree, and are transferring 30 credits or less, the following terms apply:

  • All students are required to successfully complete EN1011, College Composition and Rhetoric and EN1021, Research and Analysis at Landmark College.
  •  All students are required to successfully complete their First Year Seminar requirement (FY1001 or FY1011) at Landmark College.

  Policy updated 6/28/13


Karen Damian

Bryana Worthy
Assistant Registrar